DOI registration for repositories

Hello experts!

Can a repository have its own unique DOI? What is the registration algorithm?

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Can you give us a bit more information about your repository? What type of content does it contain?

Are you asking whether you can register a single DOI that would refer to the repository as a whole? Or individual DOIs for each item contained within that repository?


is it possible to use one DOI prefix for two systems?
we have already DOI prefix for OJS system.
And we have a plan to use that DOI prefix also for another system using Eprints.
Is it possible?

Yes, that’s possible. Your prefix is assigned to your organization, and the same prefix can be used to assign/register DOIs for any content that organization publishes, regardless of type or platform.

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Hello Shayn! Yes, I can.

I want to assign the DOI record in a document, but this document doesn’t have ISSN. My question is: How do I assign the DOI to this document? Can I assign it with the record I already have? What would the record type be?

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You can see our list of supported content types here.

Do you have a sense of where the items in your repository might fit?

If there’s no ISSN, then I’m guessing it’s not a serial publication like a journal or conference series. Is it stand alone papers, like reports or working papers?

To backup a bit, has this content been formally published elsewhere before?

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