Linking translated works to the original on the web deposit form


I’ve got a number of conference papers to register. Each paper has an English version and had been translated to Portugese (Brazil) and Spanish. OJS didn’t send the translated dois through to Crossref - just the original English so I need to register the translated versions. I thought I’d try the web deposit form and this is perfect except for one thing - I can’t see anywhere to add the related item metadata - and create relationships between the three versions of the article.

Is this something that is possible to do/ add to the form - or do I need to add it myself in xml format?

I’m already manually fixing the metadata on the original English versions to show ‘has translation’ (OJS is particularly unhelpful with translation metadata!)

Thank you


Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately at the moment you can’t add relational metadata using the Web Deposit Form. We are working on a new deposit tool that should have that option included but at the moment you would need to add these relationships using an XML deposit at the moment.